The Firm

The Savage Culture firm, settled in Santander, Cantabria (north of Spain), belongs to Chuloo's group, who operates since the 80's in the textile and clothing sector. This brand was born with a clear and strong concept of alternative fashion and counts on its favour with almost three decades of successful experience in the multi-brand shops channel.

Our main headquarters in Santander covers every area of a modern and functional company like ours, what allows us to offer a quick and agile fulfilling of our commitments.

In this sense the company has performed important investments in both facilities and equipment, by a continuous updating and upgrading of its infrastructure in order to adapt it to the requirements of the Savage Culture project.

Our team has been growing and becoming professional at the same rhythm as the company, formed by a young human group, full of motivated and capable people, highly qualified in which one of the areas of the firm, meaning the main value of a project in constant evolution.

Management and Administrative Dept.: Professionals with wide knowledge in the management area.

Sales and Marketing Dept.: A team with experience in sales and branding strategies.

Design and Creative Dept.: Designers that connect with the “essence-of-the- brand woman”.

Technical and Logistics Dept.: Workers committed to offer a unique service to our clients.

This is the key of us remaining for so many years on the market, and that's why Chuloo's Santander, S.L.U develops a worldwide fashion project that allows it to being currently present in more that 40 countries in all five continents.

The Chuloo's Santander, S.L.U collections are addressed to three different kinds of clients:

Sales agents/distributors:

In each country the Savage Culture clothes are marketed by agents/distributors with wide experience and prestige in the fashion sector, knowing the particular requirements of each market.

Multi-brand shops:

The Savage Culture collection shares the best multi-brand shops with firms of international reputation.

Client/final user:

Addressed to a woman with a medium-high purchasing power, active and young, cheerful and funny, who is distinguished for her strong romantic and feminine personality, both adventurous and sensual.

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