The Brand

Forged by meaningful happenings and by its handicraft origin, Savage Culture proposes creative collections, curious and daring with strong colours and personality.

Fashion as the expression of values, transforming the act of being dressed in feeling life with passion, emotion and imagination, with humour and fantasy.

A utopia transforming reality, which value is the free expression of the being by forms and colours that transcend the merely visual, creating a feel of belonging and empathy.

The creation of the Savage Culture garments is made by a harmonic and almost handcrafted process, due to the fact that in just one garment we can find elements like embroideries, crochets, patches, rhinestones, and loads of elements that enhance the product.

The rustic look the Savage Culture garments require a “controlled imperfection”, studied variations that are achieved by putting the traditional handcraft techniques at the service of design.

Conceived to last, its imperfect essence is kept by carefully respecting its natural qualities.

Savage Culture's proposal is fresh and wild, bringing a unique and innovative style and character. Like a piece of art, it mixes multiracial references and ethnic, pop or vintage patterns, all together combined simply and naturally.

Being Savage Culture's origin purely handicraft, our collections are still faithful to the principles of artistic creativity, coming with a subtle coexistence between cloths and free colour, turning into a trend itself.

An explosion of colours, textures and shapes than end up winning the love of the customer.

Savage Culture is present in the main fashion sector publications in the most relevant countries of the international scene. 

Moreover, we have presence in the main fairs of the industry both European and worldwide.

We are also continously updating all the communication elements, such as displays, videos, catalogs, etc.

The Savage Culture trends are reflected in four different looks that connect directly with each one of the BE SAVAGE! women that we dress:

Ethno-chic Woman:

Without refusing to what's purely tribal, this gets softened generating harmony, missing passion and life that intermingle great emotions and strong feelings. That touch is the one that achieves the balance between the wild or the ethnic, the elegant or the chic

This trend is linked to a woman that runs away from any kind of overcrowding and consumerism, with a spiritual and adventurous strength to adopt that racial and cultural style.

Pop Woman:

An artistic expression that reflects the popular culture of the 60s, including classic advertisements, fused with wallpaper patterns of recurring geometries and glamorous girls images, characteristic of that age.

It connects with our urban woman, who feels very closely every cultural, musical and revolutionary movements, with an independent character, away from conventionality.

Romantic Woman:

A warm and welcoming style that invites into tranquility and rest, with gentle and nostalgic touch that sends as to a spiritual plenitude where shapes are soft and cuts are purely feminine.

It represents a woman with a stable lifestyle, in a society where she finds herself in harmony and with strong values. She looks for peace, calmness and the serenity of what's natural.

Vintage Woman:

An exclusive and unique effect that turns into a cool style. The main goal is to connect with a woman who misses past ages but always with a current nerve. It embraces an original woman, with a strong personality, who wants to provoke.”

She is distinguished by the clarity of her ideas, by her curiosity and because she wants to get to know a world that is out of the box.

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