You want to have it as soon as possible! -Orders are usually delivered between 24h and 72h in spanish peninsula, between 3 and 5 working days for shipments between 3 and 10 days for destinations outside of Spain and the Balearic Islands. Although our delivery commitment leads us to work with the best logistics operators, Savage Culture cannot guarantee the timeliness, so this term is indicative.



Deliveries are made Monday to Friday during office hours. No deliveries on weekends or during local or national holidays. Orders can only be delivered in private residences or  work offices. To facilitate the delivery and receive the order in the shortest possible time,it  is recommended work addresses or other locations where there is someone who can receive the package.





We want you  to have it at a low cost price! We have opted for a reduced shipping rate to receive an order from the comfort of your home does not mean you will have a significant expense. For international shipments, the costs of shipment of each order will depend on the country of reception. No orders will be shipped to areas requiring the payment of fees, customs or duties.






We want to reach you anywhere! Savage Culture online sales service is available at an early stage in all European countries. We deliver orders in the following countries: United Kingdom *, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France *, Netherlands, Italy *, Luxembourg, United Kingdom *, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, Bulgaria**, Croatia**, Slovakia**, Slovenia**, Estonia**, Finland**, Greece**, Ireland**, Latvia**, Lithuania**, Romania** and Sweden**. (Countries with an asterisk have areas with customs, for which delivery service is not available at this areas. Countries with two asterisk can't aplicate "free ordes promotions").





We want you  to receive what you asked for! -You must check the status of the package upon reception. If the package is damaged, or if you notice signs of tampering, do not accept the delivery. we have a protocol for verification of all consignments which are made from the headquarters of the eShop, verifying the good state of the product, size and packing. In the event that the goods do not correspond to the requested,  you have 48 hours from reception  of the Packaged to inform Savage Culture and thus proceed with its return within a period not exceeding 14 days, once selected the transport to be used.